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Allergy Consultants
Allergy Consultants will be starting flu shots on Monday, September 14, 2020 at both offices.
1. Patients coming in person for an appointment with their physician can get their flu shot during their appointment.
2. Patients who get one allergy shot can get their flu shot during their allergy shot appointment.
3. Patients who get two allergy shots will have to make an appointment to get a flu shot 24 hours before/after their allergy shot appointment.
4. Our patients who are not on shots and not coming in for an appointment can make a flu shot appointment during flu shot hours.
5. There will be no walk-in flu shots.
Flu shot appointment hours:
Ballas: Wednesdays 9-11:30, 1-4:30 & Saturday 9-11:30
O’Fallon: Mondays 1-4:30, Thursdays 9:15-11:30